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Updaty - Update & News for iOS 15 - helps you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15. We explain every step of the update process in great detail and make sure everything goes well. After the update, we show you how to make the most out of iOS 15 on your iPhone or iPad. It's a really sensational iOS!

This free guide tells you everything you need to know about the latest updates available. It will tell you what the updates will include and how you can go about installing them without losing any of your precious data.

Guide for iCloud

Storing all your data on the cloud allows you to access your documents, apps, photos or music on any of your Apple devices. If you break your phone, you can access all your stuff again on a new phone or on your laptop just by logging into your iCloud account!
This free guide makes getting your stuff onto the cloud easy, helping you to set up your account and access it on any of your devices.

Since using this guide to get my data onto the iCloud, I've gotten so much more out of each of my devices. It's amazing!

Cer Stronghold San Francisco, US

Guide for FaceTime

Using FaceTime you can talk to and see your friends and family using any of your Apple devices. You can use it to answer calls to your phone number on your computer or you can video call people using your phone!
This free guide explains how it all works, making it easier than ever before to stay in touch.

After this guide I'm now a FaceTime convert. It's so easy to use now that I know how to use it!

@ Mark Geffron Manchester, UK

Backup Guide

We've all broken a phone or laptop and lost loads of important files. Well, this needn't be the case anymore.
Read this guide to discover how to backup your data on all your Apple devices to prevent that worst case scenario from taking place again!

I once put my phone in the washing machine by accident and lost everything. Now I know how to backup my data because of this guide and feel much more secure.

Kelly Ryan Los Angeles, US

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